Women's Jacket
12,400 used same Canadian stamp used to create this Jacket.

    27"H x 19"W

These are a few of the items in a collection titled "Remnants of Communication", as the stamp is the last  bit remaining between sender and receiver.


Child's Sundress

800 used US stamps in groups of 4 created a patchwork pattern.

      22"H x 19"W


800 used US stamps in groups of 2 same created this pattern.

     20"H x 18"W

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These extraordinary 3-dimensional pieces are made with genuine miniature pieces of art - an art that is sadly disappearing from our mailboxes as electronic communication surpasses traditional post mail. 

Each stamp on its own is a small work of art, yet interestingly, when linked - or hand-stitched - to another, the stamp does not fade away.  Instead the stamp appears to intensify in color and design, and you are drawn in for a closer look.

Used stamps from the early 1930's through the 1980's were used in all these items.


Black Bag

230 used US stamps

23 different issues created stripes

   15"H x 14"W x 5"D

Women's Dress
1,200 used US stamps were used to create this dress featuring 19 prominent women.

    35"H x 16"W

Featured in the Winter 2016/2017 edition of Surface Design Journal.

Bolero (BULL_ero)

over 1,100 used same Argentinian

stamp featuring the head of a bull.

  28"H x19"W