Child's Sundress

800 used US stamps in groups of 4 created a patchwork pattern.

      22"H x 19"W

Bomber Jacket

1,000 used same US Special Delivery stamp issued in 1936.  Featuring two front pockets and functional full length zipper. Fabric sleeves with knit banding trim.

  28"H x19"W

Black Bag

230 used US stamps

23 different issues created stripes

   15"H x 14"W x 5"D

Women's Jacket
12,400 used same Canadian stamp used to create this Jacket.

    27"H x 19"W

These are a few of the items in a collection titled "Remnants of Communication", as the stamp is the last  bit remaining between sender and receiver.

These extraordinary 3-dimensional pieces are made with genuine miniature pieces of art - an art that is sadly disappearing from our mailboxes as electronic communication surpasses traditional post mail. 

Each stamp on its own is a small work of art, yet interestingly, when linked - or hand-stitched - to another, the stamp does not fade away.  Instead the stamp appears to intensify in color and design, and you are drawn in for a closer look.

Used stamps from the early 1930's through the 1980's were used in all these items.

Bolero (BULL_ero)

over 1,100 used same Argentinian

stamp featuring the head of a bull.

  28"H x19"W


Women's Dress
1,200 used US stamps were used to create this dress featuring 19 prominent women.

    35"H x 16"W

Featured in the Winter 2016/2017 edition of Surface Design Journal.

800 used US stamps in groups of 2 same created this pattern.

     20"H x 18"W

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