For this tote bag, 11 different trading stamp types are used.


The front (on the left) uses the larger value stamps in a wave pattern, while the back (on the right) uses the lower denomination in a horizontal stripe.

The tote is fully lined, includes an inside pocket and has a hard bottom insert for stability.  The bag portion measures 13" H x 12" W and 4-1/2" D.

While working with postage stamps is exciting, I expanded my range by re-discovered Trading Stamps which have gone out of fashion as late at the 1970's. 

Various types of vintage trading stamps from across the US have been located and incorporated into these looks, creating interesting patterns.

Over 4,500 Trading Stamps from Top Value and 3 different decades of S&H trading stamp from the 1930's thru the 1960's are hand-stitched together in this iconic vintage apron pattern and oven mitt.

The back side of the stamps are used to create a solid color border.